Pro T 11

Pro T11, Remote Start, Remote Start Guys, Denver, Colorado

PRO T 11

3-Miile Range, 2-Way

Compustar’s Top of the Line Remote Start. 5.5-button remote transmitter. Up to 3-miles of range with interactive 2-way LCD confirmation. IPX7 water-proof and impact-resistant casing make the toughest, most powerful remote on the market.

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pro t11, take it anywhere, remote start guys, denver, colorado


Built Tough

Along with being fully waterproof, the PRO T11 is also extremely durable. Each button is reinforced with a thin steel plate that makes this remote heavy-duty, while also being light in your pocket.

USB Rechargeable

Equipped with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the PRO T11 comes with a micro-USB charger that can be plugged into any 120v wall outlet or desktop USB input. By the way, the PRO T11 charger input is also waterproof!

pro 11, usb rechargeable, remote start guys, Denver, Colorado

3 mile range, pro t11, remote start guys, Denver, Colorado

Up to 3 Miles of Range

Before the PRO T11, the longest range a remote starter could achieve was 1 mile. We’ve multiplied that by a factor of 3 using a hybrid-frequency technology that resists most common interference from structures and other electronic signals.


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